Lotus Files


For Sale

·        S2 switch panel decals for air conditioned cars - $20 plus postage.



·        S1 Instrument panel and switch panel decals, free thanks to Morten Kristiansen. Download here.

·        S2 Instrument panel, a 3D model that I commissioned, download here.

·        World Champion Edition (JPS) decals, although not a complete set. Nose art, Commemorative and numbers, JPS logo, and 3 Lotus stickers. Free thanks to Stéphane Rivallant. Download here.

·        World Champion Edition (JPS) speaker surrounds. Download here. Free thanks to Stéphane Rivallant. About $14 from Shapeways.com



·        Lotus Esprit S1/S2 Serial Numbers with Pictures (links to ZIP files of pictures)

o   Check back often. It is a work in progress. Please contribute photos that you might have of other cars

·        S1, S2, S2.2 Parts manual, fully searchable, great pictures (updated 11 April 2021)

·        S1 S2 Workshop manual

o   Engine removal procedure – S1, S2, S2.2

·        Service Schedule for Esprit and 9XX engines (by Tim Engel)

·        Valve shim worksheet by Tim Engel

·        Wiring Schematics – Suggest printing it out in poster size and framing it for use in the garage.

o   Federal S1 by Mike Jordan 

§  PDF

§  Adobe Illustrator CS6 (editable)

o   Non-Federal S1 by Phil Leech (PDF)

o   Wiring Schematic - S2 Wiring (early S2, Dom, Fed, RoW) (.JPG) – no headlight relays

o   Wiring Schematic - S2 Wiring (later S2, Dom, Fed, RoW) (.JPG) – inner (hi beam) headlight relays

o   Schematic - Esprit S2 S3 with Lumenition (color)

o   Window - Upgrade to Electric Window Circuit, by Mark Pfeffer

·        Owners Manual

o   S1 Owners Manual (High resolution scan)

o   S2 Owners manual (High resolution scan)

·        Seat cover template

o   79 Lotus Esprit S2 JPS Seat cover template (rev 1)

·        Template for Boot Floor panels – I have not tried this out yet, but print out pages 2-10 and tape them together.

·        Steering Rack rebuild - pictures and info



·        907 Engine Cam Belt Installation

·        Discussion about the lack of an airbox

·        Body removal

·         Service Schedule spreadsheet

·         Defroster/Demister Replacement



If you want to contribute files or photos to my collection, or have other information that you would like added here, please feel free to contact me at lotus@holycows.net


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